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Our Pets

Eric and Ava King - Owner

Here is our "Brady Bunch" family of pets. Some these cats and dogs were forced together when Ava and I got married several years ago. One of the cats has not forgiven Ava for marrying Eric. Well, here are our champion dog and cats. They each have their own unique personality. Hope you enjoy reading about our champions.

Champion Dogs

Desmond PictureDesmond - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Juba Lee Desmond King of Diamonds, call name Desmond, is 16 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He just finished his Championship in Jan. 2013 after only 2 1/2 months on the show circuit. Desmond's breeder, Juba-Lee Ridgebacks in Texas, is highly respected breeder. Kerry Williams is a AKC Breeder of Merit Award and won Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder of the year multiple times. Desmond is taking the spring off to be a puppy and take part in Lure Coursing of and on this spring. One can keep up with his exploits with his blog. Desmond's blog is call Desmond Diary.

Landry PictureLandry - Lhasa Apso

Landry is a 6 year old Lhasa Apso. He is our therapy dog and mellow for a Lhasa Apso. Landry recently become a therapy dog and canine good citizen. He is showing his charm in the nursing homes of TRIAD. Landry loves taking long leisurely walks in the words.

When he goes to the bark park, Landry thinks he is a big dog not a 20 pound ball of fur. He gets this from play with his younger Rhodesian Ridgeback brother. Landry lives Greensboro with Eric, Desmond, and 5 cats.

Champion Cats

Greetings from BogartBogart - Maine Coon

Bogart was our first Maine Coon and the center of attention at our house. He recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge this summer. Ava got him as a kitten in Texas to replace her first cat Griffin. Bogart must be related to Humphrey Bogart as he is always the center of attention especially when visitors come to the house. Bogart will position himself to be noticed by everyone and trills. No he does not meow, he trills.

Landry PictureBB King - Maine Coon

BB King is closely related to his more famous guitar player namesake. We got BB from MegaCoon cat breeder in Pittsburgh, NC. BB's Mom was named 'Dixie' and his Dad was named 'Eric Clampton'.

BB does not think he is a large cat. BB thinks he is a panther. He His favorite commercial is GEICO "rescue Panther". We know as we have seen him leap from our bedroom furniture at night.

BB also has taken up the duties of keeping our Siamese kitten in line. The cats, which turn into horses, can be heard galloping around the great room at night and 'early morning'. It drives Ava mad. But Ava does not get too made at BB. BB is a Mommy's kitty. He will lie right beside her at night. Sometimes Ava get too hot.


Butterscotch Furball

Butterscotch aka. 'Orange Kitty' - Orange Tabby

Butterscotch a.k.a. "Orange Kitty" is the oldest cat in our household. Butterscotch is also the most cautious and timid of all of our cats. This trait makes Butterscotch very good at hiding in the house. He picks his best hiding spots just before Ava and I go on long trips. I think we have them all figured out, but he does find a new spot every once in a while. Butterscotch also loves to headbutt Ava and I especially when we are trying to go to sleep at night.

Ms Soxs Hidding PlaceMs. Soxs - Calico

Ms. Soxs is a Calico cat that is not very sociable except to Eric. The cat will run away from Ava. She thinks Ava is the devil for taking away Eric from her. She does have one very close friend, her brother Butterscotch. They sometimes can been seen lying together in a "kittyball" on the coach, the bed, or some other place quiet. You would think that Ms. Soxs would be timid outside. That is not the case. She has caught more than her fair share of mice. She brings her prizes up to the back door and shows them off to Eric. That's why Ava has made Ms. Soxs an indoor cat.

Desmond PictureHenry - Tuxedo Persian

We had some trouble on where to put this picture. You see, Henry is a cat. Henry, however, thinks he is a person wearing a cat suit. Henry is only happy when he is with his people. He does not like associating with the other cats in the house. And we will not even talk about the dogs. As a matter of fact, Henry is practicing boxing with Desmond. And Desmond's nose sometimes has the marks to prove it.

Henry, as you can see from the picture, has a ready made tuxedo. Sometime, I call him Henry with the 'French' pronunciation. Henry is at his happiest when he sleeps right by his people, Ava and Eric. If he can, he will sleep right by your face and purr to his hearts content.


Sassy PictureSassy - Siamese terror

Sassy is the baby in the family. Sassy was found by Eric's Mom when she was a baby kitten. The original idea was we would give Ms. Sassy to Ava's Mom. Ava's mom had never raised a kitten through adulthood. Needless to say, Ms Sassy lives up to the myth of Siamese cats. I am sure you all have seen the scene in the Disney Movie "Lady in the Tramp" with the Siamese cats. Sassy will terrorize us in the morning by banging on the blinds before getting a stream of water.

Eric's Mom and Dad thought Siamese cats were adorable. They had two Siamese cats, Phoenix and Gallagher, before Eric was born. If you ask Eric, he has a great picture of his Dad teasing one of the cats with a sausage.